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WHO WE ARE Olive Tree Literature Society (OTLS) is a non-profit organization established by editorial board of Olive Tree-- an on-line literary monthly [ISSN 1082-9091] since 1995.
MISSION STATEMENT The Mission of OTLS is to establish a mass media outlet for new literary works and culture commentaries in Chinese, a platform with a lot less political, social and economic restrictions normally associated with mass market.
HOW WE DO IT OTLS does this with the monthly literary e-zine Olive Tree, the first Chinese literary magazine on-line, and the weekly updated culture web site SCENE in both simplified and traditional Chinese.

The full text of both publications can be read on-line at There are many index pages based on author, genre, column in addition to yearly table of contents.

The monthly Olive Tree is also published in e-mail format.

WHAT DO WE PUBLISH OTLS looks for all works that reflect authors as individuals instead of personification of certern fleeting market trend or any ideology currently in vogue.

We strive to overcome our own bias in determine which are "good" or "bad" writings. We reject any person or group or organization or government body's attempt to impose its will on us.

A typical monthly publication by OTLS includes prose such as novel, short fiction, story, various social commentary, critic and personal essay as well as poems. Translations of literary works can also be found.

In addition, OTLS provides monthly literary news digest for its readers.

OTLS web site has up-to-date link pages to many major on-line Chinese literature resources as well as many Chinese news agencies.

Xiang Zi (U. S. A.)

Deputy Editors-in-Chief
3J (China)

Associated Editors
Ma Lan (U. S. A.), Jim But (Danmark), Jian Yun (Canada), Yan Yun (Taiwan), Shu Yi (U. S. A.), Shen Fang (China), X.S. (U. S. A.)

Wang Qing-Song (China), Lei Mo (China), Jing Xiang-Hai (Taiwan), Ai Cao (China), Hong Xin (China)

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